Third Party Testing

Impartial and Ethical

FAIR, Precise & Controlled

Essential Benefits

We provide an unbiased interpretation based on the results we obtain from doing the ERRC test. This way, both the building owner, contractor and the local AHJ can be 100% certain that the results were not manipulated in any way. This gives all parties involved a piece of mind knowing that the methods fall under the strict IFC 510 code rules and regulations.

Ensures Fair Analysis

A third party provider maintains ethics by eliminating a conflict of interest and keeps the decision process with the AHJ.

Precise Measurement

As a third party provider, we utilize an automated test platform that reduces human error and produces accurate measurement results.

Controlled Test Process

As a third party provider we can control the test process and acceptance criteria to ensure code compliance standards are met.

Ensure you building is compliant with the latest fire codes.

– ERL Technologies ISĀ Your Reliable Source for ERRC Testing that meets code compliance –

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